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The House of St. Eve

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Gabrielle In White
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December 30th, 2011

Hello - 

If you are reading this, I wish you a lovely 2012 and beyond.  May the New Year's festivities be easy and fun, ushering in a time of interesting escapades, abundance to share, health, deep sex and spontaneous caprices.

I will finish things on the to-do list and sleep better.  Yes.  Starting in a few days.  Goddess help me.

with love,

January 16th, 2011

Starting 2011

Gabrielle In White
 It's been interesting to see how focus can bring me things.  I'd say the core of my mediocrity has resulted from the ADD scatterbrained aspect of my personality while any success at all has been brought about by concentrating all my efforts on a single thing.  Early last year, I wasn't sure why I bothered with anything any more.  I stated out loud to a friend, who recently reminded me of the declaration, that all I wanted was a boyfriend and a larger apartment.  It was difficult to admit I might be lonely, because I like being alone.  So "lonely" wasn't exactly right.  

I'd say that for the last 15 years, I have been largely unaccompanied.  After a nice run of Sex Crimes Cabaret, my first real project that wasn't a struggling band-thing, and coming home to an empty house, I had to face the dark subtlety of the situation.  I couldn't rely on how I felt, because any anger was deeply buried.  I felt fine.  If anything, I was confused.  Wasn't I doing the right things?  Keeping busy, keeping up with friends, a little internet dating (not for me but I tried).  

So, I did some deep meditative work, some of which started at the Kalani spa with this amazing bodyworker, Christy, on the big island of Hawaii, and the rest continued in NYC.  Then I met someone great, we traveled a lot last year and we've just moved into a really great apartment, while still remaining in Manhattan.

This year, while I'd like to travel for sure, it's important to integrate and create more work that I'm proud of.  Christy left me with some great tools but the trick is to find the time to actually use them, and focus on one thing at a time.  For now, Sex Crimes Cabaret will be at Asbury Lanes on Saturday the 12 and at Galapagos, Thursday the 17th of February.  The costumes are in the new apartment, in a box.

May 17th, 2010

(no subject)

Gabrielle In White

 When I first saw this poster...

I assumed it was for a sequel to Brian DePalma/Stephen King's, film Carrie.  I just figured it was time for her to grow up and raise some new, flashy hell.  Really.  That was the thought.  Eventually, it became clear that it was for the Sex and The City movie sequel.  Ah.  Right.  Me have no tv.  This is what happens.  I'm more likely to watch Adult Swim things on the interwebs.  

Anyway, so I'm a little out of it.  But wouldn't it be great to combine the Stephen King classic with this recent cultural icon?  You know something's gonna go down at that wedding.  Why couldn't Carrie Bradshaw suddenly have telekinetic powers that freak out when she doesn't get her way?  Stiletto heels flying through the air, blinding her adversaries.  Handbags of doom.  Flaming gowns and bloody lipsticks.  I think there's potential.


February 28th, 2010

There are many aspects to our psyches.  I believe that each one has a distinct personality.  I have a dream coordinator - she speaks Engrish.  But the one who guards my mortality, the one who has the final say on whether I should worry about a relationship, the yes or no guy is relatively androgynous but more on the fey side of male rather than a butchy lady - My higher self is a gay man and he sits on a stool outside a door with a clipboard with a smug expression.  He looks like a younger, thinner, bitchier Ricky Gervais before I even knew who Ricky Gervais was.

A few years ago, when Bec and I were on tour VJ'ing for Bacardi Limón, and inside an airplane during an unfortunate take-off, we found the attendants rather nervous.  It seemed we might explode or crash, so the pilot found it wise to circle a corn field so we wouldn't fall on people below.  The plane was silent.  The attendants strapped themselves in after losing graciousness.  The pilot 's voice was no longer comforting.  I had no choice but to go inside and stand in line at my personal psychic discotheque and find the man who would know the truth.  He knew everything about me, including that my peeve of the VJ job was that the dj's played music that I hated.  So, he looked meticulously at the list on his clipboard though he didn't have to.  I waited patiently as he hmm'd, flipping pages back and forth as if someone had possibly mis-spelled my name.  Then he looked up suddenly and spoke to me, a little exasperated with my naivete, as if I already knew the answer, "NO you are not on the list.  And YES you are working to that top 40 hiphop crap so stop hoping for everyone's imminent demise you selfish cow."  I turned to Bec and I said, "We're going to be fine."  Her eyes were watery because she didn't believe me.  So, I picked up her odd handbag, covered in sewn-on stuffed animal faces and I made each one tell her, in distinct voices, how much they loved her and how the plane was simply not going down.  One told her that the dj was going to play the same music tonight that all the other dj's played in the exact same order that they do in all the clubs, which turned out to be true.  Another one just comforted her with visions of years of future cuddles.  Each one made her laugh a bit and the woman sitting next to us suppressed giggles the whole way.

Yesterday, in Hilo Hawaii, we expected to be the bullseye of a tsunami that had all the characteristics of a tsunami in 1960 that wiped out the town.  We were awakened by the call of the landlady where we were staying, and emergency sirens a half hour later, as we packed everything we brought to get to higher ground.  I grabbed the refrigerated coffee.  Caterina grabbed all the wine in the house.  We had our priorities in order.  We didn't know if the roads would be closed.  The worst was immediately prepared for.  Once in the car, sirens sounding Armageddon's call, I visited the disco and found my doorman yawning - "Oh please it's such a big nothing.  Go for a hike once you get up the hill."  

So far so good.

February 27th, 2010

Tsunami Watch

Gabrielle In White
Hangin' around, waiting for the tsunami.  It's not for a few hours.  Got the call from the landlady and the siren at the same time.  Packed some yummy snacks and headed for Gecko's boyfriend's ranch, way upland (1000 feet) but with a great view of the ocean.  Gecko made some strong coffee after the deli coffee we picked up along the way seemed too weak.  The sandwiches were warm and gooey but we got to the ranch before we had time to eat them in an evacuation style haste.  Now we'll have to eat them calmly while we update our Facebook pages.  I called Mom and Nicole who seemed concerned to say the least - Nicole (several texts) more than Mom, though Mom did manage to use her googlevoice account to reach me, so she must have been a little freaked.  The worst that would happen is that the airport gets smashed and we're stuck here picking mangoes out of trees and slathering ourselves with papaya bodyscrubs... forever.  I feel guilty about not finishing Jared's edit, but I brought my drive with me.  if we don't go hiking later, I'm hoping to finish it.

We are expecting a series of big waves rather than one big wall, so I'm hoping I can get some good pictures, since we are overlooking Hilo Bay - the bulls-eye of the waves.  

Here was my horoscope today:

For the duration of the day you may be driven to look for exciting and stimulating activities and experiences. The ordinary experiences within relationships will not satisfy you. Whatever you do today for fun will be intended to provide a break from the norm. Therefore, look for something exciting, meet new people and have new adventures. These will be upsetting only if you are afraid of and resistant to new experiences.

December 26th, 2009

New Year's Eve

Gabrielle In White
New Year's Eve

It's my ten year anniversary and Larisa of Gemini and Scorpio is throwing the party I imagined when we talked about how I'd celebrate the end of my tenth year if I had the time and energy.  I said, I'd call it The Bootlegger's Ball.  A few months later she sent the invite.  It's time.

Just go.


Okay, fine, I'll copy the deets here:

New Year's Eve: The Bootleggers' Ball

Thursday 12.31.09

21+ with ID (25+ recommended)
$30 advance / $40 door / $50 VIP w/reserved tables & wait service / $20 after 2am
Group rates for 10+ available - please contact us

Check in at Green & Green Insurance Co, 450 Union at Bond, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn 11231
Password required - RSVP here

Buy tickets now | Get password | Facebook

The contraband has been ordered, authorities paid off, and performers lined up for a New Year's Eve speakeasy ball in an enormous and aged warehouse with soaring peaked ceilings, peeling whitewashed brick walls, old wood beams and glowing chandeliers. Expect the intimacy of a daring cabaret mixed with the intrigue of a vintage costumed ball, expansiveness of a warehouse dance party, excitement of live brass, a splash of fine cocktails, and just a dash of illicit adventure and unpredictable moments. FREE Original Sin Cider 8pm-9pm, plus drinks by The House of St. Eve, handcrafted beer by Bushwick Brews, and other delectable potions. Delicious handmade Dub Pies (meat + veg) available all night.

Fiery old-timey jazz - The Mad Jazz Hatters
Stealth brass antics - Stumblebum Brass Band
All-girl all-accordion orchestra - Main Squeeze Orchestra
Blazing burlesque - Mme Rosebud & Jenny C'est Quoi
Eastern-tribal dance fusion - Alchemy Dance Theater
Awesome aerial stunts - Nikki Borodi
Vintage sweet sweet jazz - DJ Jason Blackkat
Re-bopin' jazz swingin' beats - DJ Dhundee
Hobo-tech: depression era techno - DJ Jon Margulies
Fabulous face painting - Painteresse Elysabeth
Tarot & 2010 numerology divination - Marcy Currier
Midnight moment of mayhem - Dan Glass
Hosted by burlesque's charming reprobate Bastard Keith

Plus more live entertainment and surprises, including a live auction of prohibition memorabilia and games of chance in our Den of Sin.
Bring fun items to bet, or be prepared to lose your clothes! More on our amazing entertainers below.

Dress code: depression glamour, evening ball on the Titanic, hobo formal, desperation derring-do.
Effort required.
Own cups optional, but welcome.

Note on VIP tix: we have a limited number of 4-6 person tables for reservations, 8pm-2am (dance party mode after, with tables moved aside). Each table comes with an excellent view of the stage, wait service, and a reservation card featuring a genuine turn-of-century liquor bottle label, yours to keep (while they last!). Please coordinate a reference name for your party so we can seat you together. Smaller parties will be combined at larger tables.


Live musical acts!

Oldtimey jazz: Mad Jazz Hatters
The Mad Jazz Hatters hold forth with a spirited amalgam of early jazz, Americana and jugband music with stray waifs of soulful Yiddish and Gaelic melody thrown in for good measure. Dressed to the nines, transporting you from the here and now, they serve up the musical magic of medicine shows, house parties, fish fries and speakeasies, coming together in a wonderful place where soulful rural sensibility and big city style harmonize to create raucous merriment.

"Highly Recommended" - All About Jazz. "A great old-time jug band" - New York Magazine. "A wonderful group...They truly capture the spirit and feel of the music from the early 1900's to 20's." - The Fedora Chronicles.

Ecstatic brass: Stumblebum Brass Band
"As of late, this hypnotic rumbling-raunch-jazz trio has been turning up all over the city in a nearly Mephistophelean manner. They appear from nowhere, breathe smoke and fire from trumpet and tuba, pound on their drum whilst parading through the crowd...and then abruptly disappear into the New York night. Are they banshees? wraiths? demons? Do they possess some uncanny ability to locate a lull in frivolity and then dispel it with ungodly powers?" - The Cad.

"The Stumblebum Brass Band's gritty, whiskey-soaked songs like "Smokin' and Drinkin'" rile up guests with Mardi Gras verve" - New York Magazine. "Rousing Anthems" - C.J. Smith, MTV News.

Sexy squeezebox: The Main Squeeze Orchestra
The Main Squeeze Orchestra is an all-female all-accordion fantasy brought to life by their visionary bandleader and local accordion guru Walter Kuhr. Naughty but nice, these ladies have earned a cult following for their wicked pop tributes to Joy Division, Michael Jackson, and Queen, as well as their stirring orchestral performances of music by Profokiev, Astor Piazzolla, and Kurt Weill. For New Year's Eve, an intimate 6-piece ensemble comprised of orchestra members will play golden oldies with hints of sugar and spice.

"More sugar cube than vegan icing, they do cabaret and camp along with all the bellows' best, while dressed, coiffed, and rehearsed like some Central European Berry Gordy fantasy." - The Village Voice Best of 2005

Wondrous entertainments!

Blazing burlesque: Mme Rosebud
Madame Rosebud is burlesque's Eastern Muse. Her specialty: the creation of worlds in which you may comfortably be seduced. As a striptease artist, actor, dancer and storyteller, she has brought her graceful, elegant work to audiences all over the East Coast. Being a natural student of disciplines Chinese, Japanese, Indian and beyond, her work is a uniquely alluring amalgam of styles. The gleam of a blade, a sliver of thigh, the fall of a silken drape, eyes flashed as a warning and an invitation...with these and more, she will make real your dreams. Any viewer will be seduced; the connoisseur will be haunted. Approachable but mysterious, graceful but earthy, sexy but never obvious; this is Madame Rosebud. Formerly a member of New York's juiciest burlesque troupe, the Peach Tartes, she is now pursuing her solo career and producing/performing with her fiancee, Bastard Keith.

Blazing burlesque: Jenny C'est Quoi
The sexy non-sequitur of burlesque.

Oriental-tribal fusion: Alchemy Dance Theater
Alchemy Dance Theater is a contemporary global dance company that celebrates the alchemy of tradition and innovation, tribal and urban, ritual and spectacle. Performing a mixture of intricate choreography and vibrant group improvisation, ADT has enchanted and mesmerized audiences at events ranging from site-specific street theater and underground parties to international arts festivals and large theater productions, both across the U.S. and in Europe. Inspired by ethnic and contemporary dance from around the world--India to the Balkans, North Africa to Brooklyn--ADT creates a dynamic and sinuous language all its own: a moving collage across cultures, from the ancient to the modern.

Awesome aerial stunts: Nikki Borodi
Nikki Borodi is an aerialist, clown, musician and jewelry designer. She has enjoyed performing in the air at Streb, The House of Yes, Bushwick Boat, and Public Assembly to name a few. Nikki often performs to her self produced record Chakra Rock, an album that teaches about the chakras through a collection of rock/electric/funk songs.

Burlesque's charming reprobate: Bastard Keith
Bastard Keith is the quadruple threat singer-host-performer-writer who can be seen providing his uniquely volatile charm to burlesque shows, saucy readings and theatrical stages around NYC.

"A variety favorite." - Time Out New York. "The burlesque scene's darling...he's a delight and a wonderful host with great charisma, and could be a whole show himself." - The Fab Marquee

Vintage sweet sweet jazz [8pm-9:30pm]: DJ Jason Blackkat
Jason Blackkat's first show was with a Dixieland combo when he was 15. He cut his musical teeth performing and studying all forms of jazz, and he has toured America and Europe numerous times as a bass player in a variety of bands and combos. For The Bootleggers' Ball, Jason will be digging though his piles of vinyl for the most vintage cuts outlining the roots and beginnings of NYC speakeasy sounds, from Jelly Roll Morton to the Duke.

Jazz swingin' beats [2am-4am]: DJ Dhundee
DJ Dhundee is known for his eclectic and soulful sets that fuse delicious 1920s-30s jazz and broken beats. From his extensive music collection filled to the brim with classic gems, popular songs and rare finds, he serves up the sounds with his signature style and seamless flow. Dhundee has spun at private parties for Comedy Central, Istar Financial, Spike TV 2006 US Tour, Good Magazine, HOME Magazine, Wired Magazine, David Torres Productions, and Danny Simmons Gallery. Winner of four gold International Promax/BDA Awards for its music compositions for Comedy Central and MTV, Sugarcuts, Dhundee's boutique music production company, also supplies such top TV networks as Showtime, Nickelodeon, VH1, FUSE, Spike TV, and many more.

Hobotech: depression-era techno [4am-6am]: Jon Margulies
Hobotech is depression era techno-contemporary dance music that nods to a forgotten America, celebrating half-smoked cigars and steaming cauldrons of stew. Jon Margulies is a DJ, Producer and Guitarist who has performed with some of the best musicians in the world in a dizzying array of styles, at venues from Winter Music Conference to Carnegie Hall. Jon's music has recently been released on the Cotopaxi and Aurora Music labels, along with a full-length album "Too Big To Fail" which can be purchased on custom USB flashdrive or as a download.

Exciting diversions!

Midnight moment of mayhem: Dan Glass
Dan Glass has applied stupidity to many events, usually involving loud noises, fire, and other forms of creative destruction. Intimidating musical flame contraptions, flying trash dinosaurs, fire whips and jumpropes, and destructo-booth smash enclosures have all been part of the repertoire, so stand back and shield your face, but don't worry, he's usually only a danger to himself. Dan has created flaming car sets for Vogue, WWII-era fire effects for a Dee Snyder film currently in the making, and multi-colored user-controlled flames shooting from 30' masts on the breathtaking carousel-ship A Cavallo. (Reach Dan at Recombust*at*gmail)

Fantastical face painting: Painteresse Elyzabeth
Painteresse Elyzabeth will be offering her exquisite freehand Face & Body Artistry. From small sexy embellishments to ornate masks, from tribal to victorian, in black and white or vivid color, with glittery tattoos and special long-lasting phosphorescent Glowing makeup. Dare to become Illuminated! (You can reach the fabulous Elyzabeth at Painteresse*at*yahoo)

Tarot & 2010 numerology divination: Marcy Currier
artist, intuitive, healer, teacher, irrepressible mystic, light-being on a human journey/human being on a nonsensical journey, inspired by frogs and butterflies (growing legs and wings at the same time) and the healing power of bees. times infinity.

Our fabulous sponsors!

Original Sin Cider
Original Sin is made from the best New York apples and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Light with a clean and crisp apple taste, Original Sin goes down equally well in a pub after a game, served with dinner or dessert, or over ice on a hot summer day.

"Our top American Cider was the Original Sin..." - NY Times Dining In/Dining Out. "The Crisp, not-to-sweet, slightly fuzzy drink in the snakeskin labeled bottle is fit for a champagne glass." - Paper Magazine. "Light-bodied, pale gold and clean-tasting, with the merest hint of sweetness to smooth it." - Florence Fabricant, New York Times.

St. Germain
St~Germain is the first liqueur in the world created in the artisanal French manner from freshly handpicked elderflower blossoms. With a subtle yet complex flavor, reminiscent of tropical fruits, pear and citrus, St-Germain is extremely versatile. It pairs well with every base spirits and adds character to any cocktail.

October 22nd, 2009

Great for wedding nights!

Gabrielle In White
Sairica sent me this:
Basically - For $30 you can marry a fundamentalist without being set on fire, even if you're slutty.

Artificial Virginity Hymen!

No more worry about losing your virginity. With this product, you can have your first night back anytime. Insert this artificial hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. When your lover penetrate, it will ooze out a liquid that look like blood not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable. Its easy to use, clinically proven non-toxic to human and has no side effects, no pain to use and no allergic reaction.

Sometimes I just need to cut and paste and wait for the anonymous viagra posts.


September 30th, 2009

 I'm a huge Terry Gilliam fan and he's got a new film - The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

It looks amazing. It's Heath Ledger's last, with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Lily Cole, and my favorites in the bunch, Christopher Plummer and Tom Waits (as the Devil!).

So, maybe it's hype, but here's a link that might help it come to your town.

Check it out.


September 16th, 2009

Mouse Police

Gabrielle In White
 A friend is going to Disney World in the next few days.  I shared this with him and one day would like to try it myself.  Having been born a Floridian at the perfect time in the last century, I have been to Disney World enough times to warrant perverting the experience for my next visit.

Dear Jeremy,

I have fantasized recently about renting one of their electric wheelchairs - no need for proof as to why you need one, it's just $40 or so in any of the parks - and dressing it up with blinky things like elwire and glow sticks and going through the park like an installation.  Certainly, videotaping yourself like this would make an interesting segment and people's reactions would be fun.  Testing the limits of the mouse police is also vaguely entertaining.  If people ask - You can say the lights make it safer or you can go for the underbelly and say that that the lights cheer you up in the face of adversity while pointing to your legs in the wheelchair.

September 14th, 2009

Nudge Response

Gabrielle In White
 Thank you, Turk,

I have been underwater for ten weeks.  I am just waking up from the penumbra.  I spent many waking hours getting ready for my private show at PS 122, and now Sex Crimes Cabaret will be at Walker Space, home of Soho Rep, in December for two weeks - thanks to my new producers, Collective Unconscious.

Cesar Salad
, my odd little quasi-culinary film is going to be in The Coney Island Film Festival October 4th at 4pm.  

Yesterday, I was just at the opening for the Baby Ikki film I made at Burning Man last year.  I ate too much.  I am now typing inside what feels like a fat suit.  

And a music video (OBSCENITY) from Sex Crimes Cabaret will be in this Saturday's Avant-Garde-Arama at PS 122.  All the info is on the website - TheSaintEve.com.  

In between Sex Crimes and Burning Man, I did edits for PS 122 as well as Montclair University's Peak Performances, who have a tremendous theatre program.  And, well, I've been busy and sleep has been delegated to other people.  This leaves me rather soft and tiny.  I am a mushball of my former self but the mind is reforming and soon this will be a cleaner apartment, and I'll be just full of happy brains and firing neurons.  

Last night I went to many shindigs after the opening of the Baby Ikki installation.  The event was followed by gobs of Indian food near the Sculpture Center.  

Then I went to the White Box gallery with my friend Mary from Artnet and Bec+Malcolm from Superalot, then Home Sweet Home bar - both on Christie.  Then I went to Arlene's Grocery, by accident, because I was so tired I was hoping on some secret level that I was supposed to be there instead of Mercury Lounge. It's closer to my house but I liked the band so much I stayed for their last three songs and bought their cd (cute band from Yorkshire called GST Cardinals).  And then I finally arrived at the actual Mercury Lounge where I saw Mucca Pazza, who were simply amazing (thank you Larisa).  

I need to go to the gym.  

That about sums it up.

There's more, but this quickie, poorly written post should do it for now.

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